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Canon EF 100-400mm

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens, oh how i have wanted this lens...

So i finally managed to afford this, I made a decision that the Sigma 150-600 just wasn't what i wanted, not the lenses fault, but not my vision.

So first proper try out was going to be an early start at Richmond Park, early train and a short walk and it off we go. Its not the best weather, it's October after all, light isn't great but it'll be fine.

I'm using the Black Rapid shoulder harness now, the neck strap just wasn't any good for me, too much weight around your neck and it got really sweaty!!! Not nice!

So the strap is attached to the tripod collar on the lens and the weight feels well balanced, that's a good start. Lens cap is off and time to find what this can do. Straight into it, first deer spotted... i like this lens already, its fast on AF, and from the previews on the screen it looks pretty damn good...

Beautiful crisp images and the colours really pop. It's a fairly heavy lens but i have opted for the Black Rapid should strap so the weight isn't too much of an issue. The light wasn't great at the beginning of the day but improved loads as the day went on. Not that it mattered to the 100-400, it's focusing was bang on every time, no hunting and considering it isn't calibrated to my 5Div it didn't seem to notice.

It makes such a big difference having the shorter lens than the sigma when you are hand carrying all day. I think we did 8 hours all in all, and a bit of an ache to the shoulder by the end, but nothing bad. It's is probably one of the best L lenses I have tried, although I haven't by any means tried them all. The mono-pod is now left at home so one less thing to lug around.

If you are serious about wildlife photography then this lens is a must have, the primes may be faster but you have the ability to change focal length whenever needed, which as we know is a lot with wildlife, they never sit just where you want them.

I would rate this lens around 8-9 out of 10, the only draw back really is the weight, but it's a 400 mm lens so it's bound to weigh a bit isn't it?

Ask this lot... I'm sure they'll agree...


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